Server support

Server Maintenance – this quality of your server maintenance, timely introduction of periodic upgrades and server patikra.Galime install and configure the server according to your wishes.

Server maintenance services:
• Server configuration and testing works
• Server administration jobs
• “Service Pack installation, OS, hardware drivers renovations
• Windows and Linux configuration and installation
• Network load monitoring system (Network traffic monitoring)
• Web, POP3 / IMAP, Active Directory, FTP, DNS configuration and problem solving services
• E-mail server (mail server);
• Review of the Internet E-mail (webmail)
• Terminal Server
• Proxy Server
• Firewall (firewall)
• DHCP server
• Database server (mysql)
• File Servers
• Domain Servers
• VPN servers
• Web servers
• Mail Servers
• Database Servers
• Proxy servers (proxy)
• FTP servers